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Social Media Landscape in Myanmar

Discover the impact of policy-driven social media outages in Myanmar on the Burmese people’s social media usage, behavior, and preferences.


Skin Care in Saudi Arabia

We looked into the skin care industry in Saudi Arabia to understand the shopping habits, considerations, and usage of its skin care consumers.


Fintech & Banking Services in Hong Kong

In partnership with Statrys, discover the perception, behavior and preferences of Hong Kong professionals toward the banking and the FinTech industry.


Esports & E-Gaming in Cambodia

With a thriving Esports and gaming scene, uncover the local population’s consumption, behavior, and impression of the industry in Cambodia.

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Mobile Network in Laos: 2022

Learn more about our key insights on the behavior, habits, satisfaction, and preferences of Laotians about their mobile network operator.

Insurance Industry In Thailand

In partnership with OneDegree, discover the perception, ownership, and preferences of the Thai population toward the insurance industry.


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