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Conduct comprehensive research with ease using one platform for brand monitoring, competitor tracking, industry insights, and data analysis.

Standard Insights Platform

Where Business Goals Meet Consumer Needs

Start a consumer insights project


Easily start your market research from our platform, enjoy our in-house survey builders and tools, or complete a brief and let us handle all the work.

Track your brand, competition and more


Gain deep insights into brand perception, customer preferences, and competition. Easily access and export data through an intuitive dashboard.

Manage your projects and explore your data


Effortlessly access, manage, and analyze your projects with our platform designed for informed decision-making. 

Project Management & Visualization

On our platform, manage insights, customize data, delve into audience analytics, and fulfill your unique business needs.

Project management


Turn your data into insightful, actionable reports in an instant with our platform. Choose to export only the data you need, or the entire report in your preferred format.

Global Insights Library

Dive into our vast library of research reports, meticulously compiled from detailed surveys conducted globally – all accessible to you at no cost.


Team Collaboration & Management

Enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration with our platform. Add as many colleagues as you need, manage access rights, and maintain confidentiality across your projects.

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Data Ownership

Your project data and insights belong solely to you, ensuring complete control and privacy.


Worldwide reach

Learn about your target audience anywhere in the world and across different countries.


Direct Sourcing

Experience our unique methodology developed exclusively for superior-quality data. - No panels

Proprietary Tools for Precision at Scale.

Delivering quality is at our core. With our specially crafted, in-house tools, we ensure your surveys and collected data are top-notch. Let’s make your data work for you!