Understand your

Get the latest insights and reactions to your brand and competitors with ongoing feedback from respondents.

Shape the future of your brand

Get access to live insights on your target and market audience in a live dashboard fueled by real respondents. Assess your current position, keep an eye on your competition, develop new strategies, and track your evolution. 

Track your brand reputation

Stay on top of what your customers are saying about your brands and products.

Analyze your competition

Measure how your brand stacks up against the competition.

Measure brand perception

Keep track of how your brand is perceived over time by your market and consumers.

Optimize marketing spending

Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and strategies.

Predict future trends

Be alert for changes in the market's attitude toward your brand.

Acquire new customers

Understand the persona of potential customers you are missing.

Measure your brand against competitors

See how you stack up against your competitors and improve your position by adapting your strategy to the market over time.

Uncover your customer and market persona

Learn about your customers' demographic information, interests, and buying behaviors. Adapt your marketing approach to find similar customers and drive loyalty.

Think like your customers and get their brand sentiment

Develop a deep understanding of the values that your brand generates for your consumers. Use this knowledge to deepen the emotional bond between your brand and consumers.

Unlock the persona of your future customers

Identify and approach untapped markets for your brand. Learn more about your potential customers and how to reach out to them in order to convert them into lifetime customers.

Unique premium respondents

Access unique insights from premium respondents sourced for each project. We do not use panels.

Representative sample

Depending on your industry and target country(ies), our analysts will define a representative sample for you.

Local language

We translate all of our surveys into the local language to ensure the accuracy of the information collected.

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SI Brand Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the data?

Respondents are identified from specific targeting options offered by advertising platforms and are offered non-monetary incentives to help them participate in the survey. We have a lot of checks in place to make sure that our surveys are filled out accurately. Learn more about our methodology.

I have more question

If you have other projects or requirements, you can browse our services or contact us at marketing@standard-insights.com.

How is the brand tracking report delivered?

You will get access to a private, protected dashboard where you can view a live interactive report. You will also receive a complete PDF report on each major update.

Bring your brand on top
of the market

Track your brand and competitors' brands accurately with insights from real people and not just online mentions.