A methodology that delivers better insights

Having relevant and trustful information is capital when it comes to conducting research. At Standard Insights, we have set up several layers of quality checks that ensure the best quality of survey answers.

The best standard for quality insights

We take care to ask the right questions to right people and clean up the results to give you the most accurate information. Each step of market research is vital and will greatly impact the quality of the results your organization receives.


Discover our principles of survey design to help you get valid answers.


Get to know our sampling method for finding targeted respondents.

Quality Control

Explore the factors that determine the quality of the data we collect.


Asking the right question

While good questions are the foundation of good market research, many people tend to overlook this step.

All of our surveys are created or reviewed by our expert team beforehand to ensure the relevance of the answers to be collected.

The five pillars of our methodology are

  • All questions support the project’s objective.
  • The Q&A syntax helps to get clear answers and removes bias.
  • The Cognitive charge is adapted to the audience (UI/UX)
  • The Language is adapted to the local culture
  • Unqualified respondents are easily spotted.

Designed by industry experts

We create questions that address your concerns, and we edit them to make them engaging for your audience.

Professional structure and length

We create questionnaires that keep respondents focused with an overall length of interview (LOI) below 10 minutes.

Questions format

We make it easier to give more structured feedback with question types that can be answered quickly.

Trap questions

To remove fraudulent respondents, our survey requires ongoing coherence and includes several red herring questions.

Adapted UI/UX

Our surveys and focus groups are adapted to fit on any device. We also run usability tests to ensure they're simple to complete.

Local language phrasing

All of our projects are conducted in the local language and reviewed by the people who understand the culture best.


Find the right people

We are firm believers that digital platforms are the best channels available to identify the right individuals, and to put them in the right conditions to give honest answers.

We mix traditional and digital methodologies to come up with the best approach to gather insights from respondents anywhere in the world.

Respondent acquisition - Standard Insights

It's a match!

Whether you are looking for B2C or B2B respondents, your audience is likely to be found on social media.

We locate your target market through the places they spend most of their time and offer incentives appealing to them in order to obtain honest and accurate responses. 

it's a match




Quality is in the details

Having relevant and trustful information is capital when it comes to conducting research. Dive beneath our layers of quality that ensure every survey answer we deliver is the best it can be.


Fraudulent answers can be detected when analyzing the results. While a part is automatically excluded from our bots, we always perform a human check to exclude any other irregularity.

Ongoing control


Our experts make sure to design a survey that won't be skewed by bias and our designers make sure that the visual design isn't introducing any bias either.

Respondents Selection

Respondents are identified from specific targeting options offered by advertising platforms. When entering our surveys, they are automatically cross-checked with our internal database to make sure they have not been selected in any survey conducted in the past 6 months.

We also use other key criteria such as current localization (IP address), social media ID, and geofencing data to verify the initial information given by the respondents.

A more thorough profile verification is also possible, and we recommend its application mostly for focus group projects.


The research projects for our customers are made anonymously and are confidential. Except if required, we craft all our questionnaires and interviews in a way that respondents are not able to identify the original client and overall purpose of the research.

We are GDPR-compliant and committed to maintaining a trusted relationship with our respondents thereby we do not collect or transmit respondents’ information except for submitted, anonymised responses.

Frequently asked questions

You can get started by submitting a project brief to receive a quote or by scheduling a call with us. — Follow this link

We use social media and advertisement to recruit new respondents for each mission. We follow a strict protocol to ensure that each respondent is well screened. Learn more about our quality process.

No, we use new respondents to guarantee the highest quality of our data. Panels are fast but their quality is limited, learn more about the problems of online panels here.


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