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More than ever,
brands need reliable data

Consumer mindsets are shifting faster than ever, making it hard for brands to stay ahead of the trends.

In this age of information overload, it is challenging for brands to earn customer loyalty and build lasting relationships with clients.

With the multitude of marketing channels and strategies to choose from, it is difficult for brands to determine where they should invest their time and efforts.

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And your options aren't great...

Traditional research firms often demand exorbitant prices to conduct lengthy studies, involving communication with numerous parties and with little transparency.

Consumer panels often offer monetary rewards and coupons to entice people to join their apps, yet this can lead them to prioritize quantity over quality results that suit your goals.

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What sets Standard-Insights apart?

One-of-a-kind sampling method

We understand your audience is unlike any other, and not just seeking some quick monetary gain. That’s why we reach them directly on the platforms they are most active and tailor our approach to match their cultural values, interests, and the objective of your project.

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Traditional research solution flow

It requires an average of 4 hours of surveys in total to get a USD 5 coupon – Research conducted across the top 10 consumer panels.

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Standard Insights sourcing flow

Where do you find respondents?

We recruit respondents on Social Media, Mobile Apps, Online Communities, Blogs, Media Outlets, Newsletters, and more.

How do you incentivize people?

We attract your desired audience by providing non-monetary incentives that align with their interests, geography, and qualifications for the project.

AI Quality Control

Having relevant and trustworthy information is capital when it comes to conducting research. Our AI system analyzes the behavior of each respondent to guarantee our standards for quality and filter out any unwanted ones. Last but not least, a human touch to ensure that everything is perfect.

Technical Checks

We analyze the settings of respondents to identify and remove any cheaters or instances of impossible activity.

Technical Checks

  • IP Address & Duplicate Device Detection
  • IP Address / Social Media ID / Email 7 Phone Verification
  • Respondent Location & VPN Detection
  • Bot Detection
  • GPT-3&4 Filling Detection
  • KYC (Upon Request)

Improbable Checks

We use statistical methods to identify respondents who may have provided improbable or implausible responses.

Improbable Checks

  • Insertion of "trap questions" into our surveys
  • Red Herring Questions
  • Conditional Questions

Behavioural Checks

Our assessment of the respondent's journey enables us to filter out any irrelevant attitudes or behaviors.
Behavioural Checks

  • Detection of inattentive behavior
  • Detection of overly fast respondents
  • Elimination by activity level in the survey market

Audience so good you could turn them into your clients

Because our respondents are real consumers and not professional survey takers, we are the only provider that allows its clients to further engage with their respondents.

A new project can open up countless insights and opportunities. To gain even more knowledge and data, we can re-engage with your target audience from previous projects through interviews to discover what they think and feel about the topic at hand!

Our regular clients have access to additional retargeting options, such as using a Facebook pixel and other advanced targeting for their personal campaigns

After the survey has been finished, we will be able to direct particular respondents to your promotions and also send out a message about your services.

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The best standard for quality insights

New Participants for Each Project

To guarantee the highest-quality of respondents, we select a new participants for each project.

Quality Control Phase

We always set up a testing period of 24-48 hours to review each response personally before broader distribution.

Adapted UI/UX

Our surveys are adapted to fit any device. We also run usability tests to ensure they're simple to complete.

KYC Checks

Take our survey respondents' quality to new heights with our KYC verification system to authenticate their legal documents.

Professional Structure
& Length

Our questionnaires that keep respondents engaged with an overall LOI below 10 minutes.

Direct to Consumers

Get real-insights straight from the source without any third-party involvement.

Consumers without borders

Rather than navigating through multiple third-party services and aggregating data from numerous sources, obtain consumer insights around the globe with ease, and compare them effortlessly.

worldwide Standard Insights

180+ Countries

Remote Reach

Trusted by the World’s Top Brands and Agencies

Trusted by the World’s Top Brands and Agencies

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