About Standard Insights

We are the new standard for consumer intelligence.

Standard Insights is a consumer intelligence company that leverages AI-powered algorithms and the latest ad-tech systems to get in the mind of the real consumers you are targeting.

We know that the future of organizations is intrinsically tied to their consumers. Our mission is to provide the most accurate consumer intelligence to empower our clients’ marketing and strategic decisions.

We strive in providing real representative data that helps industry leaders make confident decisions about their brands’ future. As top strategists and researchers ourselves, we know what questions you want to get answered and how to find those answers.

Our Values

Your go-to partner in market research

Standard Insights was developed as a result of market research that failed to meet the new needs of our clients. Our values focus on serving our customers with the highest quality information to enable their success.

Quality Centric

Our team delivers the highest quality at every stage of the process, from project brief to analysis.