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We’re breathing new life into surveys with direct respondent sourcing, AI-driven quality, and flexible pricing.

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Why, Standard Insights

Something is wrong with surveys...

While conducting surveys has never been easier, decision-makers are losing trust in traditional survey services.


The quality of respondents is low, and the sourcing is not clear.

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Audience targeting and geographical reach are limited.

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Services are inflexible and often include unnecessary costs.

Standard Insights has reinvented essential survey services, guaranteeing you receive the accurate information exactly where and how you need it.


Flexible Survey Solution for every needs and budgets

Make It Yourself

Easy and affordable. Build quality surveys, save costs. Our DIY tool gets you top respondents and premium design tools. 


Make It Together

We shoulder the heavy lifting of survey creation, automation, translations, and data gathering, equipping you with all that’s needed for insightful analysis and effective action.


Make It For You

We make things easy so you can focus on taking action. We provide more than just standard surveys – you also get detailed reports, insights on your audience and questions, and much more.


Short Survey

In a rush to get quick and valuable information? We got you covered! With our short survey, ask the question(s) you want in the location of your choice, and get your insights in no time!

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Our Data

Boost data accuracy, shrink research expenses.

With our unique approach and custom-made tools, get the best respondents straight from the source. You get the info you need without the wait, making decision-making a breeze.


Cutting-Edge Methodology

Our methodology, independent from third-party platforms, employs modern techniques to extract impactful insights.


AI-Powered Data Cleaning

Our AI tool identifies and corrects data inaccuracies straight from the source, ensuring data integrity.


Global Accessibility

We gather and process data from anywhere in the world, offering a diverse and representative data set.

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Our Platform

Spend Less Time Reporting, More Time Doing

Say goodbye to endless back-and-forths with your provider and time-consuming analysis of unclear information. Effortlessly visualize, export, filter, and take notes with our user-friendly platform.


Data Visualization

Effortlessly visualize and interact with your data. Customize colors, switch graph types, and compare data with ease.


Versatile Export Options

Create reports tailored to your needs and export them in a variety of formats including PDF, PPT, PNG, and more.

Comprehensive Analysis

Your reports will receive detailed analysis and customized advice for each of your questions and the overall content.


Go Further With Our Surveys

Leverage our comprehensive suite of options to take your survey project to unprecedented heights.

A new project can open up countless insights and opportunities. To gain even more knowledge and data, we can re-engage with your target audience from previous projects through interviews to discover what they think and feel about the topic at hand!

After the survey has been finished, we will be able to direct particular respondents to your promotions and also send out a message about your services.

Gain invaluable feedback from professionals in your industry. We’ll arrange interviews with qualified experts who can provide quality insights on your project. Get more from your data with the wisdom of those who know your field best.

Let’s put your insights to work. Our trusted partners are geared up to create and execute a custom strategy, guided by your objectives and insights. Propel your business growth in the right direction with a data-informed action plan.

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Use Cases

Where to start?

Get to know your market, customers, consumers, test your ideas and develop a powerful strategy. To help you get started, get in touch with our team or check some of our customers’ favorite used cases here.

Market Overview

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of your industry landscape, which includes trends, competition, market size, and more.

Monitor your brand’s and competition’s performance over time using surveys, online mentions, and competitive analysis.

Customer Journey

Unlock key insights into your customer’s decision-making path, from awareness to post-purchase.

Product Launching

Transform your ideas into winning products, with our expert analysis predicting market acceptance before you even launch.

Concept Testing

Minimize risk with our services, assessing market acceptance of potential products before full-scale launch.

Market Expansion

Navigate your business growth confidently with our detailed studies and insights for new market opportunities.

Trusted data partner of leading companies

Agencies, corporations, startups and non-profits from every industry rely on our data to make their decisions.

Let's Discuss Your Market Research Needs

Whether you have questions about our services, want to request a quote, or simply need more information, we are here to help. Contact us today and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.