How an Agency Used Market Research to Clinch a Deal With Netflix

To win a yearly contract with the leading streaming company, an agency worked with Standard Insights to get unique insights that could provide value to their pitch deck and proposed strategy.

How an agency used market research to clinch a deal with Netflix

Use Case

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The Challenge

Make Your Agency Stand Out From the Crowd

The challenge for the agencies invited to pitch their social media management strategies to Netflix was to stand out from a crowd of over 15 competitors. With the field of marketing consultancy being highly saturated and competitive, each agency had only one chance to submit a winning proposal and impress during their pitch.

The question was how to differentiate themselves from the other agencies and demonstrate that they were the best fit for the job. Winning the contract meant devising a strategy that was not only innovative but also tailored to the specific needs of Netflix in Vietnam, while also showcasing their strengths and expertise in social media management.

The Solution

Tailoring Proposals Using Unique Insights

To create a winning proposal and stand out from the competition, the agency partnered with Standard Insights to gather critical market research insights. Through a brief micro-research study of only 10 questions, Standard Insights was able to survey the local population in Vietnam and gather key data points on their streaming industry consumption habits and perceptions in less than 5 days and for less than $1,000.

Leveraging these unique insights, the agency tailored its proposal specifically to the needs and interests of the Vietnamese market, providing a competitive edge in the selection process. In addition to the invaluable research insights, the agency also took advantage of Standard Insights’ agency benefits, including a high discount, a free short survey with payment only required in case of proposal success, and expedited delivery.

The Results

Win the Deal Among 15 Competing Agencies

The agency created a tailored and data-driven pitch deck with insights provided by Standard Insights that resonated with Netflix’s needs in Vietnam. With thorough research and analysis, the agency demonstrated a deep understanding of the local market’s challenges and opportunities.

Collaborating with Standard Insights allowed the agency to differentiate itself from the competition and win the deal over 15 other marketing agencies, securing a valuable contract with one of the biggest players in the streaming industry. This also positioned the agency as a leader in the marketing consultancy field in Vietnam.

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