Case Study

How an agency used market research to clinch a deal with Netflix

Winning project pitches with unique sets of insights.

To win a yearly contract with the leading streaming company, an agency worked with Standard Insights to get unique insights that could provide value to their pitch deck and proposed strategy.


The Challenge

Make Your Agency Stand Out From the Crowd

Netflix, the most popular streaming service platform in the world, was looking for an agency to build a strong social media community in Vietnam. The online entertainment giant invited over 15 agencies to pitch their social media management strategies in the hope of choosing one.

Considering how saturated and competitive the field of marketing consultancy is, these agencies were only given one shot to submit their proposals and hopefully ace their pitches. How then do you differentiate your company from the other marketing agencies to win this opportunity?

upgrade pitch deck with market research

The Solution

Upgrade Your Pitch Deck With Market Research

To differentiate itself and strengthen its proposal, the agency collaborated with Standard Insights to gather the information necessary for an accurate and tailor-made proposal. Standard Insights conducted micro-research, surveying the local population regarding their consumption and perception of the streaming industry.

Moreover, the agency was able to avail and take advantage of Standard Insights’ agency benefits such as a high discount, free research credits, and high-speed delivery. — Learn more about Standard Insights for agencies.

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Social Proof

Working with a market research company gave the agency credibility from a third-party perspective.

team collaborating on pitch deck

Fresh Insights

The survey provided information that nobody else had and that was of direct use to the client.

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Success Fee

Included in Standard Insights’ benefits, the agency was able to receive a discount and was only charged if they closed the deal.

winning deals with market research

The Results

Winning More Deals Through Partnering With a Research Agency

Through the agency benefits of Standard Insights, the marketing agency was able to create and present a pitch deck that was specifically designed with the customer in mind. Having insights to back up their strategy, the agency won the deal over 15 other competing marketing agencies.


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