Crafting an Effective Marketing Strategy and Proposal for TikTok Business

Discover how Standard Insights helped a digital agency create effective marketing campaigns for TikTok Business by unlocking valuable insights into the needs and preferences of local advertisers.

Tik Tok Business - Case Study: Standard Insights

Use Case

Understanding a niche audience, helping an agency convert a pitch, and generating leads with market research.


Entertainment Providers, Marketing Services



The Challenges

Create a campaign strategy that resonates

TikTok Business needed to renew its yearly marketing campaigns worldwide to attract more businesses to its advertising platform. To achieve this objective, TikTok Business sought the expertise of a digital agency, which in turn reached out to Standard Insights.

The challenge was to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of local advertisers to create a targeted and effective marketing campaign that would attract more businesses to TikTok’s advertising platform.

Standard Insights was tasked with providing the necessary insights for the agency to craft a message and campaigns that would resonate with local advertisers and help TikTok Business achieve its marketing goals.

The Solution

Getting to know local advertisers

To assist the digital agency in crafting an effective marketing campaign for TikTok Business, Standard Insights conducted a comprehensive research study in Vietnam. This study provided the necessary insights to support the agency’s marketing efforts and could serve as a valuable reference for potential global research in the future.

Standard Insights created and conducted a survey in Vietnamese to better understand the current professional social media landscape, including pain points and perceptions of TikTok. The survey was conducted with over 500 respondents from various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Zalo. From these responses, we identified and interviewed 100 qualified respondents who managed advertisement accounts.

The survey and interviews were conducted in just three days, allowing for a quick turnaround time and enabling the digital agency to use the insights to craft an effective marketing strategy and proposal for TikTok Business.

The Results

Generate sign-ups and actionable insights

Days Research
Qualified Respondents

The insights gathered by Standard Insights enabled the digital agency to create accurate messaging for the Vietnamese campaign of TikTok. By understanding the needs and preferences of local advertisers, the agency was able to tailor their message to better resonate with the target audience.

Furthermore, Standard Insights was able to redirect qualified respondents to TikTok Business’s marketing offer, which helped generate new users and increase the adoption of the platform. The success of this mission can be duplicated in other countries where TikTok operates, allowing for a more targeted and effective marketing campaign that could attract more businesses to the platform.

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