Digital survey

Get to know your market with our high-quality digital surveys

Measure behaviors, trends, and attitudes with leading-edge digital surveys that offer the new quality standard for market research.

Digital survey

Quantitative Research at its Finest

In the most quality-driven approach possible, we gather large targeted samples of individuals and ask them the questions you need to make the best decisions.

Personalized reporting

Survey design

We help you create a project brief that captures your goals. Our experts will design the survey you need.

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Answer collection

We will match your target audience to your brief and ensure that each respondent qualifies to take part in your survey.

Survey design

Personalized reporting

We customize our reports for your business to give you a clear picture of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Tailor-made survey design

We create digital-friendly questionnaires that match your audience’s expectations and cover the topics you wish to uncover.

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Hyper targeted segmentation

Hyper-targeted segmentation

We gather respondents and select them according to specific criteria such as their interests, habits, and locations.


Age, Gender, Education and more


People that align with your business and related topics


+180 countries covering cities with a 5 miles radius


People that buy or consume your product

Interactive & comprehensive formats

All our projects are delivered in various interactive formats which allow you and your team to fully grasp the power of the insights gathered.

This report is customized for you with the most important data and filters so that you can have your own look at it. Check out our free market research for similar reports design.

The modern version of the PDF report gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your project. It’s your best ally for your meetings and sharing insights with your hierarchy.

For a more specific data analysis, use our raw data excel sheet. We will clean the data for your own disposal.

Our videos offer helpful information in a concise format that’s easy to share with your team.

Interactive report: Standard Insights

Insights in motion

Get to know your market, customers, consumers, test your ideas and develop a powerful strategy. To help you get started, get in touch with our team or check some of our customers’ favorite used cases here.

Market overview

Understand any market with global information from consumers.

Customer journey

Identify key points of the customer buying experience in your market.

Brand perception

Understand your consumer attitudes and recognition towards your brand, competitors and products.

Product launching

Use customer knowledge to make your launch more effective and help you stand out.

Concept testing

Make sure your product ideas meet the needs of your customers.

The competitive advantage for companies of all sizes

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Frequently asked questions

You can get started by submitting a project brief to receive a quote or by scheduling a call with us. — Follow this link

Our packages prices vary based on the country, industry, and objective you choose. Our prices start from USD 2,990 but mostly range from USD 4,990 to 10,990.

We use social media and advertisement to recruit new respondents for each mission. We follow a strict protocol to ensure that each respondent is well screened. Learn more about our quality process.

No, we use new respondents to guarantee the highest quality of our data. Panels are fast but their quality is limited, learn more about the problems of online panels here.


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