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The Consumer Report Indonesia 2024

Explore the findings of our extensive survey, which interviewed over 1,300 individuals in Indonesia, covering a broad spectrum of subjects and industries.

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What's inside?

This report offers valuable insights into the behaviors and preferences of Indonesian consumers, providing a nuanced perspective on the local market.

  • General Attitudes and Beliefs
  • 2024 Budgets and Priorities
  • Health & Leisure
  • Future of Work
  • Media & Info Sources

Why read the Indonesia Consumer Report 2024?

In 2024, Standard Insights conducted a research survey with over 1,300 Indonesians. The study explores how Indonesian consumers think and feel about their economic perspectives, environmental awareness, personal ambitions, and more.

We believe this report will assist businesses in understanding the current sentiments of Indonesian consumers and the market. The insights provided aim to enable strategic decisions that align with consumer motivations.

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This report includes the Indonesian population’s perspectives on over 25 questions. Fill out the form to access the PDF version of the report.