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Discover proven ways to make your agency stand out, sell more, and plan better projects with market research in our guide.

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Market Research Strategies for Agency Growth

At Standard Insights, we’re firm believers in the transformative power of market research for the growth of agencies.

With three years of successful collaborations across diverse industries, our proven strategies are now compiled in a guide ready for immediate implementation in your agency.

Whether you aim to enhance client relationships, elevate brand identity, or boost revenue, this guide offers innovative strategies to propel your agency forward. Explore new angles for increased brand awareness, sales, pitch wins, and project strategy improvements with our actionable insights. 

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About Standard Insights

We are the new standard for consumer intelligence.

Standard Insights helps organizations access better and faster consumer insights so they can make informed decisions about their products and brands. Traditional solutions no longer meet the current needs of managers. They depend on various intermediaries, which often lack quality and transparency and don’t cover all their needs.

We have adopted a different approach and developed our own platform that surpasses these traditional limitations and delivers the flexibility and quality that modern needs demand.

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"Market research can provide invaluable insights and data that can help agencies and their clients. We were surprised by how collaborating with agencies mutually allowed us to reach new heights that we had not thought possible before. We witnessed agencies landing clients that they could not even think of pitching to previously. Many teams also found new ways to make their brands stand out.

We used to think that partnership was a waste of time or a one-way win, but now it has become one of our main focuses to nurture these great connections and find ways to mutually grow."
Florian Gaudel
Florian Gaudel
CEO - Standard Insights