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International Market Test For Product Launching

Digital Survey for Automotive Startups

Introducing something to the world can become a game of throwing mud at the wall to see if it sticks. If you want to start a successful business or product, you have to do proper research. Conducting extensive research on the industry, trends, consumer insights, and online presence in the country of your choice is your ticket to having the best ride of your life.

The Challenges

A UAE-based automotive startup was considering expanding its services into the European market. They selected three European countries but didn't know which to start with or if they needed to develop new features to serve each country.

The Solution​

Launch Your Product With Confidence

Standard Insights proposed surveying the three target markets mentioned by the startup, including 500 respondents per country with a qualification minimum of having purchased a car in the past, to identify the most approachable market and relevant features required to be built in the chosen country.
startup market research mobile customer journey

Customer Journey

We answered the four WH questions: where, when, what, and why - to better understand the customer journey, and figure out their intention, pain points, content interest, and the channels used.

startup market research laptop online dimensions

Online Dimensions

We examined: Market Size, Competitors, The Combination of Traditional and Digital Approaches, The Impact of Internet Penetration, and The Importance of Test Driving Before Purchasing.

automobile agency woman driving concept testing


We assessed client feedback by soliciting feedback from consumer groups in the target market to determine whether they wanted to test a single concept or compare multiple concepts using an A/B test.

The Results

The Road to Success is Through Market Research.

The automotive company clearly understood what customers would want from their vehicles and what they would be looking for in their vehicles. It enabled them to choose the next market to apply their services and what new feature to create.

If you are looking to launch a new product or enter a new market, market research offered by Standard Insights will be a big help in driving your company in the right direction and making informed decisions.

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