Entering New Markets: Seez's European Expansion

Discover how the startup Seez, use market research to define their expension strategy and adapt their products to local standards.

Seez Case Study: Standard Insights
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Use Case

International expansion in multiple countries with concept testing



Company Region

United Arab Emirates

The Challenges

Assessing new markets for expansion

Seez, a UAE-based automotive startup, was considering expanding its services to the European market. To determine the feasibility of this expansion, they identified three potential countries, Denmark, Portugal, and Turkey, as potential deployment locations. However, before entering the market, they needed to evaluate each country’s potential and understand the local market’s characteristics.

They wanted to identify which market would hold the most potential for initial penetration and ensure that they included additional features to accommodate the local culture’s preferences. Seez needed reliable information on each country’s market, including the profiles of potential customers and any unique characteristics that could impact their service’s success.

The Solution

Understanding the consumer's needs and journey

To address the problem of determining the potential of each identified market, Seez sought the services of Standard Insights, a market research firm. Standard Insights conducted surveys on the three target markets identified by Seez, namely Denmark, Portugal, and Turkey. The survey comprised of 35 questions and was conducted among 500 respondents per country. The respondents were required to have purchased a car in the past to qualify for the survey.

The survey aimed to understand the customer journey and pain points, the competitive landscape, and the level of digitalization in each market. It also introduced potential features that Seez could include in their app to accommodate the local market’s needs.

Numbers speak for themselves

Qualified Respondents

Seez’s decision to conduct market research in their targeted countries with Standard Insights proved to be a valuable move. The data gathered on consumer needs, wants, and buying habits in the automotive industry provided Seez with the necessary information to determine which country to penetrate first and develop features tailored specifically to that market. As a result, Seez was able to launch their services quickly and efficiently in a new market.

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