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The Consumer Report Cambodia 2023

Explore the findings of our extensive survey, which interviewed more than 1,000 individuals in Cambodia, covering a broad spectrum of subjects and industries.

Consumer Report Cambodia 2023

The Voice of Cambodians

With the gradual winding down of the pandemic and limited reliable information available in Cambodia, many organizations face challenges tracking shifts in consumer preferences and market dynamics.

As the world enters a post-pandemic era and an impending recession, decision-makers seek reliable market data to inform their strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We hope that with our Consumer Report Cambodia 2023, we can offer an accurate reflection of the sentiments and preferences of people in Cambodia, enabling local and foreign businesses to serve their consumers better.

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What's inside?

The Consumer Report Cambodia 2023 offers valuable insights from local residents and industry experts who have provided their unique experiences and opinions on our survey results. In addition to the primary data, the PDF report also provides secondary information that contextualizes the findings and provides a deeper understanding of the various topics covered. For a comprehensive analysis of the survey’s statistics, please refer to the digital version of the report.

  • Social
  • eCommerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty and Care
  • eSports
  • Mobile Network
  • Automotive
  • Retail Banking
  • Food & Beverages

About the Methodology

The Consumer Report Cambodia 2023 presents the findings of a survey conducted in Cambodia in January 2023, which gathered the opinions of over 1,000 participants aged 18 years and above and earning more than 250 USD per month.

We employed a robust online survey methodology that did not rely on respondent panels or monetary incentives, ensuring that the data collected was of high quality. – Learn more

In addition to the primary data collected from the survey, we supplemented our findings with secondary research. This included expert interviews with local industry professionals conducted by the leading local agency, Confluences. The secondary research provided our readers with additional context and insights into the topic.

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About Standard Insights

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Standard Insights helps organizations access better and faster consumer insights so they can make informed decisions about their products and brands. Instead of relying on consumer panels, we use an innovative methodology for market research that caters to the dynamic needs of decision-makers.

By combining artificial intelligence and cutting-edge advertising technology, we can reach authentic respondents that align with your target audience. Standard Insights has a proven track record of delivering market research services in Cambodia, Asia, and all around the globe.

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In Cambodia, there is limited data on the market. What's more, much of it isn't current or up-to-date. We want to provide data that could be easily accessed and actionable, both by those in Cambodian management positions as well as by people looking to join Cambodia's market.
Florian Gaudel
Florian Gaudel
CEO - Standard Insights