Brand Refresh Testing for Leo Beer

Leo Beer hired Standard Insights to evaluate the potential of a brand refresh to stay competitive with changing consumer preferences.

Brand Refresh for Leo Beer - Case study

Use Case

Design testing for a brand refresh.


Food and Beverage Services




Standard Survey

The Challenge

Redefining Brand Identity to Adapt to the Evolving Market

Leo Beer’s challenge was to modernize their logo to better appeal to sophisticated consumers while simultaneously satisfying their existing customers and attracting new ones. The logo is a crucial aspect of their brand identity and has become iconic over the years.

To tackle this challenge, Leo Beer collaborated with a design agency to create four pre-selected logo designs. However, they needed guidance on which design would resonate the most with their target audience, including both the new logos and the existing one.

The introduction of a new logo could potentially impact sales if it did not connect with their target audience. To minimize this risk, Leo Beer sought the expertise of Standard Insights to provide feedback and recommendations on the most suitable logo design that would appeal to their overall target market.

The Solution

Exploring Consumer Habits and Preferences

Standard Insights conducted a comprehensive research study to evaluate the potential of a brand refresh for Leo Beer. This study involved designing a survey that was administered in the native language of over 500 qualified individuals, including both current consumers of Leo Beer and those who preferred rival beer brands. The survey covered several topics, including the participants’ purchasing habits, brand perception, and opinions on the proposed rebranding elements.

The survey participants were specifically asked to provide qualitative feedback by writing statements expressing their opinions on the product, brand, and proposed rebranding elements. They were also asked to create statement associations and share their overall feelings about their choices.

This approach allowed Standard Insights to gather valuable insights into the respondents’ preferences and attitudes towards the brand, providing the brand owners with a better understanding of their target audience.

The Results

An Iconic Logo Here to Stay

Standard Insights conducted a research study to evaluate the viability of a brand refresh for Leo Beer. Based on the data gathered, the company decided not to pursue the proposed designs as the target audience was unenthusiastic about the new branding, leading to potential harm to the brand and sales. This decision resulted in significant financial savings and minimized uncertainty regarding the company’s branding.

The research also provided Leo Beer with valuable information regarding their positioning and perception in the broader beer market, as well as information on one of their main competitors. The research deliverables included raw data containing all individual answers, a digital report with results, analysis, and recommendations from Standard Insights, and a PDF document for presenting and viewing the report traditionally.

Through this research, Standard Insights provided Leo Beer with a clear understanding of their target audience’s perception and reaction towards the proposed rebranding. The study helped Leo Beer make informed decisions on which elements of the brand needed to be strengthened, improved, or changed while maintaining the essence of the iconic logo. The research also helped minimize the potential risk of sales loss due to the introduction of a new logo by ensuring that it resonated with the overall target market.

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