Case Study

Brand Testing: Brand Refresh

Successfully Revamping Your Brand in 2022

Utilizing Market Research for a Successful Brand Refresh

Rebranding can either be a hit or a miss. It requires rethinking your entire approach to telling your brand's story. It also serves to pivot the brand's strategy to meet shifting target market or customer needs. However, this type of strategic change can be filled with risk and uncertainty. Find out how a multinational beer corporation collaborated with Standard Insights to conduct brand testing market research to determine whether a brand refresh is the best course of action for their business.

The Challenge

Rebranding for New Markets

The international beer company wanted to update and modernize its look to better appeal to today's sophisticated consumers. However, confronting a potential new branding directly to the target audience can be decisive to collect their feedback and anticipate their reaction.

Recognizing that a rebrand could cause a shift in the target audience's perception of the brand, which could very well impact their sales, the company sought out Standard Insights to know what elements of the brand needed to be strengthened, improved upon, or changed, with the ultimate goal of making the brand more relevant to the overall target market.

The Solution​

Assessing Brand Refresh Options

To ascertain whether a brand refresh is a smart option, Standard Insights developed a research survey and a report to provide information on this knowledge gap. They gathered over 500 qualified respondents, including both current consumers of the brand's beer and consumers of beers from rival brands, to have a correct and more accurate assessment of the market’s perception and reaction toward this new branding.

The survey asked questions in the audience's native language about their consumption and purchasing habits, the competitive landscape, the respondents’ perception of the brand, and lastly, questions about the proposed rebranding. They were then asked to choose their favorite logo and ads, make brand or statement associations, and share their overall feelings about their choices.

The deliverables in this research included the raw data with all individual answers, a digital report gathering all results, analysis and recommendations from Standard Insights, and a PDF document for presenting and viewing the report traditionally.

The Result

With the valuable data gathered by Standard Insights at its disposal, the company decided not to pursue the proposed designs since the target audience was unenthusiastic about the new branding and thought the proposed solution would affect its brand and sales.

In addition to preserving their brand image, the decision to forgo the brand refresh resulted in significant financial savings for the company and greatly reduced uncertainty regarding their branding.

Finally, it offered data on the broader beer market, along with important information regarding their positioning and perception, as well as one of their main competitors.


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