The Philippines' Mobile Network

Discover the results of our survey of over 1,500 Filipinos on their attitudes and preferences about mobile phone networks in the Philippines.

Mobile Network Report Philippines 2022

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The Report In Numbers

This report contains information on the User Activity & Competition Overview, Mobile Subscription Plans & Preferences, Customer Opinion & Perception, and Customer Satisfaction & Experience. It also includes data on the Mobile Network Operators Awards 2022.




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What's inside?

The purpose of this report is to provide primary insights into the habits and preferences of mobile network users in the Philippines. It also seeks to find out about their perception of the mobile network landscape in the country.

This industry report is divided into four parts:
1. Key Results
  • Displays general findings about the industry from a macro perspective
2. Market Competition
  • Analyzes findings about market players in the industry from the perspective of subscribers in the market
3. Analysis
  • Consolidates key statistics about the market and the players, as well as key insights about future trajectories in the market.
4. About Us
  • Introduces the company and the approaches that we have used for this industry report.

About The Data

In January 2022, we surveyed thousands of Filipinos to get 1,587 qualified respondents that have at least 1 active mobile subscription plan with Smart, TNT, Globe, DITO, SUN Cellular, and/or TM. To get the most reliable information, we use social media to recruit our respondents and have them go through several layers of quality checks. For more information consult our methodology.



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Mobile Network Report Philippines

Download The PDF Report