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Consumer Report Indonesia 2023

Our Consumer Report explores Indonesia's brand and market landscape. We surveyed the population on a wide range of topics, lifestyle preferences, and consumption habits. This research can help companies fine-tune their strategies and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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1. Social, Economical, and Environmental

Discover the impact and perception of Social, Economical, and Environmental Attitudes of the Indonesian people.

9. Automotive & Transportation

Discover people's preferred mode of transportation, as well as their purchasing preferences and attitudes toward electric vehicles.

3. Travel & Tourism

Discover Indonesian travelers' ideal destinations and travel preferences, as well as their travel fears and anxieties, including their view on vacationing with the current COVID-19 situation. ​

11. Pet Ownership & Pet Care

Discover Indonesian pet owners' preferences and perspectives, such as their shopping & purchasing habits, their pet health regimen, and information sources.

4. Health & Wellness

Discover the Indonesian population's assessment of their health, their shopping attitudes toward prescribed drugs and other products, as well as sports and activities that they partake in and consume.

10. Retail Banking

Discover Indonesians' financial opinions and considerations, including what encourages them to open an account, their online and offline banking behavior, as well as channel preferences.

12. Beverages

Discover the preferences and opinions of the Indonesian public towards a variety of beverages as well as their consumption habits.

7. Mobile Network

Discover Indonesians' mobile subscription plans, their preferences and influences in getting one, and additional features and benefits that get them to pay more.

6. Video Games & eSports

Discover the gaming lifestyle of Indonesians; from how often and for how long they play, to the devices used, to their thoughts on e-sports. Explore this diverse culture so you can better understand Indonesian gamers.

8. Gadgets & Electronics

Discover the preferences, influences, and ownership of electronic devices and gadgets of the Indonesian population.

5. Beauty & Care

Discover the Indonesian people's approach to beauty and healthcare products, explore what motivates them when purchasing items, and discover their struggles and opinions on online versus offline shopping.

2. eCommerce

Discover Indonesia's eCommerce landscape and gain essential knowledge of the Indonesian purchasers' online behaviors, inclinations, and difficulties they may face. Learn more about the reasons behind the rise of eCommerce in Indonesia.

13. Methodology

Discover the methodology that was used in this research to explore industry trends and unearth the opinions of Indonesian consumers on a wide range of market topics. Learn more about our methodology.

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