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The Consumer Report Thailand 2023

Explore the findings of our extensive survey, which interviewed 1,032 individuals in Thailand, covering a broad spectrum of subjects and industries.

Consumer Report Thailand

The Voice of Consumers in Thailand

Beyond the pandemic, Thailand is embracing a transformed landscape characterized by shifting market dynamics and consumer preferences. For businesses, keeping up with these changes has been a real challenge.

In this case, accurate market data has never been more crucial for decision-makers, playing a key role in informing their strategies.

Our Consumer Report Thailand 2023 offers a snapshot of the evolving sentiments and preferences of Thai consumers. It’s a handy guide for local and foreign businesses, offering valuable insights to help them make better decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

What's Inside? Consumer Report Thailand

What's inside?

Explore valuable insights in our Consumer Report Thailand 2023, derived from the input of local residents who shared their experiences and opinions in our survey. For a comprehensive analysis of the survey’s statistics, please refer to the digital version of the report.

  • Society
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • eCommerce
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty & Care
  • Video Games & eSports
  • Mobile Network
  • Electronics Devices & Products
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Retail Banking
  • Pet Care
  • Beverage Consumption

About the Methodology

The Consumer Report Thailand 2023 presents the findings of a survey conducted in Thailand in January 2023, which gathered the opinions of 1,032 participants aged 18 years.

We employed a robust online survey methodology that did not rely on respondent panels or monetary incentives, ensuring that the data collected was of high quality. – Learn more


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Standard Insights helps organizations access better and faster consumer insights so they can make informed decisions about their products and brands. Instead of relying on consumer panels, we use an innovative methodology for market research that caters to the dynamic needs of decision-makers.

By combining artificial intelligence and cutting-edge advertising technology, we can reach authentic respondents who align with your target audience. Standard Insights has a proven track record of delivering market research services in Thailand, Asia, and all around the globe.

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In Thailand's evolving business landscape, adaptability is crucial. As consumer preferences evolve, businesses must stay agile. This report provides authentic insights into Thai consumers' opinions and desires, enabling businesses to stay proactive in this dynamic environment.
Florian Gaudel
Florian Gaudel
CEO - Standard Insights