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PepsiCo: Local Brand Positioning for Global Growth

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PepsiCo, the food & beverage giant, wanted to learn more about the soda water market in 7 Asian countries. In just a few weeks, Standard Insights provided them with a comprehensive market research analysis and insight into the brand’s overall position in the region, as well as tailor-fit reports outlining opportunities and challenges in each of the seven countries covered.

The Challenge

Local Insights for Global Markets

In a world where data is king, it's no surprise that businesses are looking for ways to gather more of it. But what happens when your in-house data doesn't go far enough? Or when your target audience isn't easily accessible?

Without local context, the amount of data one has may not be enough to accurately describe the market. This was the problem facing PepsiCo, which sells soda water worldwide. The challenge was to place data in the local context to have a better narrative to be used for better business decisions. They needed an international market research solution that would allow them to understand the local consumer perceptions and preferences across several countries.

The Solution​

International Market Research Survey

To gain a better understanding of the market, PepsiCo employed the market research services of Standard Insights.

In doing so, Standard Insights surveyed over 4,000 people in seven Asian countries. With a minimum sample of over 500 qualified and verified respondents often drinking soda water per country. The survey covered the following aspects: consumption behavior, competition landscape, customer journey funnel, and brand perception.

To ensure quality data, Standard Insights has tailor made the survey to each nation with options that match local realities and brands. Likewise, the survey was also conducted in the local languages, and in some cases, included multiple language options to match used languages in each country and for better comprehension and local fit.
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The Result

Standard Insights was able to identify the brand's positioning in each country, which made it possible to determine the countries in which the brand is performing well or poorly. In doing so, Standard Insights helped in recognizing not only the similarities but more importantly, the nuances in consumer behavior and market structure, which can be used as inputs in developing targeted strategies that can be applied globally or just in certain markets.

Finally, Standard Insights provided a report with detailed analysis and results per gender, age range, and location in each of the markets, along with a global report gathering all results for comparison in addition to an overall approach. The study was created in digital, PDF, and video formats so that the data could be used in the most adapted way for each occasion.


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