Understanding Consumer Behavior in Asia: PepsiCo's Market Research Journey

Unlocking valuable insights to develop targeted marketing strategies across multiple Asian markets.

Case Study Pepsi - Standard Insights
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Use Case

Understand local habits, needs, and wants in multiple countries, and assess the current position against competitors.


Food and Beverage


South Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, China

The Challenge

Exploring Cross-Cultural Consumer Perceptions and Preferences at a Local Level

PepsiCo, a global soda water company, faced a challenge when it came to understanding local consumer perceptions and preferences across several countries.

Despite having access to a considerable amount of in-house data, they realized that this data wasn’t enough to accurately describe the market without local context. Furthermore, the target audience in some of the countries they were interested in wasn’t easily accessible, making it even more challenging to gather the necessary information.

In order to make better business decisions, PepsiCo needed an international market research solution that would enable them to gather local insights and place the data in the appropriate context. This would allow them to better understand their target audience, develop localized marketing strategies, and ultimately increase their market share.

The Solution

Surveying Target Audiences in Multiple Markets Simultaneously

To tackle the challenge of understanding local consumer perceptions and preferences, PepsiCo reached out to Standard Insights. We conducted a survey that covered various aspects, including:

  • Consumption behaviour,
  • Competition landscape,
  • Customer journey funnel,
  • Brand perception,
  • and more…

The survey was customized for each country to ensure quality data, with options that matched local realities and brands. Additionally, the survey was conducted in local languages, to enhance comprehension and local fit.

Standard Insights surveyed over 4,000 people across seven Asian countries, with a minimum sample of over 500 qualified and verified respondents per country. This approach ensured a representative sample size and allowed for a thorough analysis of the data.

To obtain a sample of industry consumers that accurately reflected the preferences and perceptions of the target audience, we made sure that the survey respondents were above 18 years old and belonged to a specific product segment of Pepsi. By using this approach, we were able to obtain a representative sample that allowed us to draw reliable conclusions from the survey results.

The Results

Driving PepsiCo's Marketing Strategies with Actionable Insights

Asian countries
1 +

Standard Insights’ market research survey provided PepsiCo with valuable insights into local market dynamics, allowing the brand to make informed decisions and develop targeted marketing strategies. The survey results identified PepsiCo’s brand positioning in each country, highlighting the countries where the brand was performing well and those where it needed improvement.

The survey results also revealed the nuances in consumer behaviour and market structures, providing inputs for developing targeted strategies that could be applied globally or in specific markets. Additionally, Standard Insights provided a detailed analysis of the survey results per gender, age range, and location in each market, as well as a global report that allowed for comparison across all markets.

To ensure the accessibility and usability of the data, Standard Insights created the survey report in digital, PDF, and video formats. This allowed PepsiCo to access and use the data in the most adapted way for each occasion. In summary, the market research survey conducted by Standard Insights provided PepsiCo with reliable and actionable insights that could be used to enhance its brand positioning, improve its marketing strategies, and ultimately increase its market share.

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