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Discover the different personas of your industry

Understand your customers’ and prospective customers’ needs and wants with audience persona based on campaign’s data

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Different Marketing, Different People

Audience profiling is one of the hardest challenges you’ll face as a marketer because the people you’re reaching with your marketing strategy are not all alike. Every one of them has his or her niche, personality, and passion.

To develop a good marketing and product strategy, you must understand how to communicate with your target consumers and which ones resonate the best with your brand.

Our personas are created by analyzing survey answers to help you create better marketing and product strategy.

How It Works

We ensure the most accurate personas by getting quality and unique survey respondents in your segments and analyzing the results to give tailored personas that match your brand and industry.

Definition of the project

We identify your industry, products, and competitors, and we confirm with you the information to be collected.​

Collection of the data

We gather the survey results and ensure that you will have quality data that represents your industry and products.

Creation of your Personas

Our team of analysts examines the results, finds patterns, and creates personas that are delivered in several formats.

Who are your target audiences?

Unlock the portraits of buyers in your industry

Each industry has several different consumer groups. Discover the types of personas that exist within your industry, and learn about their identities and demographics.

Key components:

Buyer Personas Skincare Saudi sample - Standard Insights

What are your audience's habits?

Get to know your customers' habits

Learn about your customer’s habits and preferences so that you can serve them better. Know what they want, why they buy, and what influences their decisions.

Key components:

What do your customers like?

Discover your audience's interests

Connect with your audience by understanding what they like, where they like to go, the kind of activities they do, and the brands that interest them.

Key components:

Gain visibility on your market

Identify high-value leads

Find the audiences that are most likely to buy your products and services, and know how to speak to them.

Segment your customers better

Focus your marketing efforts to better suit your customers' needs, and create more targeted and personalized marketing strategies for your company.

Create better content

Determine what types of content to create, and analyze how your content is performing so that you can make adjustments in the future.

Connect with new customers

Identify potential customers who may not have been aware of your brand or product.

Transform your sales pitch

Polish your sales pitches for each of the different personas you're dealing with, and empower your salespeople to close more deals.

Align your cross-marketing efforts

Make sure your marketing efforts are on target by keeping your teams aligned, and revisiting the buyer persona profiles you created.

Made For You


Give your marketing campaigns a boost with more targeted and personalized messaging.

Product Managers

When crafting a product roadmap, rely on the insights available in buyer persona profiles.

Sales Teams

Adapt your sales pitches to suit the different needs of each persona you're dealing with and boost your sales.

Customer Support

Can get better training to enhance the service they provide.


Standard Insights
Audience Persona

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes our team about a month to collect, analyze, and visualize your personas. If you need your results sooner, we can also offer express delivery.

The number of people surveyed for your persona depends on your industry, location, and qualification criteria. For BtoC industries, we usually survey 500-1000 people, while for BtoB segments, we survey around 50-500 people. 

The number of personas you have will depend on your industry and our findings. Most B2C brands have between 4 to 10 personas. 

The personas are delivered in four different formats to make sure that you can use the information in the way that works best for you.

  • Digital Report 
  • PDF Report
  • Video Report
  • Excel/CSV Raw data

Respondents are identified from specific targeting options offered by advertising platforms and are offered non-monetary incentives to help them participate in the survey. We have a lot of checks in place to make sure that our surveys are filled out accurately. Learn more about our methodology.

Once the survey data is collected, our team of analysts will review it, find patterns, and interpret them for your team to make informed decisions. 

If you have other projects or requirements, you can browse our services or contact us at marketing@standard-insights.com. 

Meet your Industry's Personas

Identify high-value leads, and improve the efficiency of your campaigns by understanding your customers’ and prospective customers’ needs and wants.