The Emergence of Social Media in Vietnam’s Football Industry

In this article, discover the reason behind the popularity of football in Vietnam and read tips on how clubs can increase engagement with their fans.
Before and after social media

Something extraordinary has happened in the past 20 years with how the internet and social media have completely revolutionized modern society. From how people communicate and live their daily lives to how businesses operate and run, our heavy reliance on technology has made our collective lives more connected, more efficient, and more informed.

The ubiquity of social media also extends to almost all facets of human involvement which includes sports and entertainment. Take for instance the widespread use of social media in Vietnam which has encouraged football fans to get more involved with the sport. Thanks to digital channels, people can easily access and consume more diverse football information from different sources in the blink of an eye.

This article will dig deeper into football followers’ behavior on social media. From that, we can draw some feasible strategies and tactics that will likely help increase engagement among football watchers.

This report is taken from our market research survey of Vietnam’s football industry, conducted in June 2021, with the participation of over 500 respondents. We have updated it to ensure that it contains current and useful information.

The Adoption of Social Media in the Football Industry

According to Datareportal, Vietnam had about 76.95 million social media users as of January 2022. In addition, Kepios’ analysis reveals that between 2021 and 2022, Vietnamese social media users rose by 5.0 million (+6.9 percent). These statistics demonstrate the rapid growth of social media users in Vietnam.

Considering the impact of social media and how Vietnamese people view and consume football, Standard Insights observed that a majority of respondents follow 1 to 3 football-related pages: Vietnamese official club pages (58.8%), international official club pages (47.1%), news & information pages (41.4%), and football groups (44.5%).

Moreover, 31.3% of Vietnamese football followers subscribe to over 7 pages that deliver related news and information. This data shows that Vietnamese people have a high demand for and consumption of news relating to the football industry. It also shows that fans who do not have much time to watch live football games opt to be regularly updated by football news instead.

Football Pages & Groups Social Media

When asked about their favorite type of football content on social media, 29.9% of respondents chose football results. Analysis (27.1%) and news (21.1%) came in second and third as preferred content formats, respectively.

Based on these statistics, we can assert that social media platforms serve as information sources among Vietnamese users. This rings true as one of the primary motivations for using social media is to seek information. With the development of digital channels over the years to make information of any kind accessible, users can now read news and updates about events occurring around the world whenever they want on any device.

Favorite type of football content on social media

Aside from TV channels’ dominance in broadcasting football-related content (44.5%), 38.5% of Vietnamese people use a smartphone connected to the internet to stay up to date on football news. This survey indicates that the internet and social media are far more accommodating than other forms of media.

Devices used to follow football content

How To Increase Football Fan Engagement on Social Media

Standard Insights, in its survey, has found that The Premier League is the most-watched football competition in Vietnam. We can also see that 79% of Vietnamese football fans watch the Champions League.

Most watched football competitions

In addition, 88% of respondents would like to see more Vietnamese-specific football content from international clubs. Furthermore, 90% agree that international clubs should make more efforts to reach out to boost relationships with Vietnamese fans.

Expectation to see more football content specific for Vietnamese from international clubs
Opinion about internal clubs' effort to reach out Vietnamese fans

The results signal the need for international football organizations to capitalize on popular and trending topics among Vietnamese people to capture the hearts and minds of football fans while also increasing club mass awareness in Vietnam.

Here are some popular events and topics in Vietnam that international football organizations can participate in:

  • Lunar New Year
  • Mid-Autumn Festivals
  • U23 Football, National Team Tournaments
  • Pop culture references

For more details, explore the report on social media and football in Vietnam.

Standard Insights partnered with the marketing agency We Create Content to cultivate Vietnamese people’s unique insights into the Football Industry.

Similarly, Deloitte’s analysis revealed that football clubs should employ 5 fan engagement strategies: identifying their target demographic, personalizing the experience, considering holistically about the experience, engaging year-round, and acknowledging loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Social media has evolved into an important part of the Vietnamese football landscape, with football fans increasingly turning to social media to keep up with the latest developments in the sport and to consume a variety of football content. By harnessing the power of technology, football leagues, and sports organizations can take advantage of this popularity by reaching out to the many legions of Vietnamese football fans on social media and providing them with more Vietnamese-specific football content to further raise club mass awareness in the country.

For more Insights, explore our report on football in Vietnam.


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