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Standard Insights help your brands access better and faster consumer insights, so you can make informed decisions about your products and brand.

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A Better Way to Consumer Insights

Brands no longer have the luxury of guessing which strategy will bring about the most success. 

At Standard Insights, we use our AI-powered systems and the latest global ad-tech infrastructure to reach real representative respondents that will give you the confidence you need when making important decisions about your brand’s future.

Know everything about your...



Monitor your audience’s perception of your brand, campaigns and competitors with our brand tracking tool.



Learn more about the buyer personas in your industry and how to reach and connect with them more efficiently.



Get to know everything about your market, the latest trends and opportunities with our survey services.

Something is wrong with current solutions..

Traditional research firms and consumer panels are falling short when it comes to meeting the everyday needs of decision-makers.

Online Panel have become a problem

Low data quality

Online Panel have become a problem

Lack of transparency

Online Panel have become a problem

Geographically limited

We've cracked the code to quality consumer Insights

At Standard Insights, we developed a unique methodology to provide the best insights to decision-makers.

We employ powerful targeting advertising technologies specific to each project and propose customized incentives to achieve optimal audience reach.

We also provide full support to our clients at every step of the process, so that they can concentrate on achieving their desired outcomes.

Why businesses turn to Standard Insights

Data you can trust

Data you can trust

All data is verified and further validated by our algorithm and team of expert researchers.

Research expert support

Research expert support

Our team of experts is available to help you every step of the way, from project design all the way through to data analysis.

Actionable reports

Actionable reports

We offer a variety of reports, including interactive, PDF, video and raw data to help you take effective decisions.

The proof is in the partnerships

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We have been consistently satisfied with the quality of the information and support provided by Standard Insights. The reports helped us gain confirm our hypothesis and provide light on very specific details of our strategies.
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Santiago Otaola Arca
Strategy & Business Development Manager
Le laboratoire d’accélération du PNUD en République démocratique du Congo - logo
Their innovative approach which combines artificial intelligence and data collection on social networks allows us to have valuable insights into the challenges of the local population but also their contribution to the construction of a solution.
Serge Kusinza Buhendwa
Head of Exploration/ Communication lead
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Standard Insights have provided us with remarkably reliable, and fast data. Their research and services have had a positive impact on our clients' bottom lines and pitches. We are very grateful for their prompt and effective services.
Albin Lix
Founder & Managing Director

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