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Get reliable and actionable primary market research with our innovative methodology.

Standard Insights men with insights

Ensuring insight quality, every step of the way

Standard Insights will ask your target audience the right questions, and provide you with thorough reporting that will help your team make smart decisions.

Professional survey design

Getting relevant information requires a good survey design. Our team designs each survey to fill your objectives. Say goodbye to templates and do-it-yourself surveys.

  • Survey design backed by experts
  • UI/UX adapted to respondents
  • Survey build in local language
Professional Survey Design
Audience standard insights

Access any audience

We developed a complete methodology using social media to find high-quality respondents. — Let’s go beyond panels!

  • Precise audience
  • Accurate sample size
  • Unique respondents

Actionable reports

Reports don’t have to be boring or complex. Get interactive reports along with raw data and a printable version of the report. Our sets of available reports are made for you to take effective decisions. 

  • Actionable
  • Personalized
  • Raw & analyzed data
Actionable Reports - Standard Insights


Get respondents from anywhere in the world in their native language

Faster insights

From design to reporting. Market research delivered within a month.

Adapted pricing

Our pricing is designed to benefit all types of companies, regardless of size.


Market research services for all your needs.

Leave no stone unturned, we got a package ready for any situation.

Ask 1 to 10 questions to 500 or 1000 respondents in the country of your choice and get your insights in no time! 

The perfect combination of our methodology to get you all the information you need. — Learn more

Get the latest insights and reactions to your brand,  competitors and market with ongoing feedback from respondents.Learn more

Despite providing more accurate information, Focus  Groups are very often described as expensive and  time consuming. They also require a physical  presence which can present an additional challenge  and extra budget to gather the required data.

Leveraging technology and our expertise, we break  these barriers and give you access to in-depth  interviews with individuals worldwide.

Pulse Poll

Southeast Asia Insights

We surveyed over 8,000 people from different countries to get insights from the local populations.


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