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We put critical insights in the hands of top decision-makers.

Information is the very essence of every company. Your experience and the information you have in hand are your two greatest tools when making important decisions. Yet, too often, the information is lacking or unreliable.

Standard Insights is a consumer intelligence company that leverages our AI-powered systems and the latest global ad-tech infrastructure to provide real representative data that helps you make confident decisions about your brand’s future.

Know everything about your...


Monitor your audience’s perception of your brand, campaigns and competitors with our brand tracking tool.


Learn more about the buyer personas in your industry and how to reach and connect with them more efficiently.


Get to know everything about your market, the latest trends and opportunities with our survey services.

Online Panels are limited..

Online panels may seem ideal as they claim to give access to any audience anytime, but most online panels are lacking in quality and transparency.

Poor quality

Your target audience is likely to not answer surveys for a few bucks.

Lack of human touch

Consulting and human control is inherent in asking good questions.

Geographically limited

They are not established in remote areas or non-Western countries.

We've cracked the code to quality consumer Insights

At Standard Insights, we developed a unique methodology to provide the best insights to decision-makers.

We employ powerful targeting advertising technologies specific to each project and propose customized incentives to achieve optimal audience reach.

We also provide full support to our clients at every step of the process, so that they can concentrate on achieving their desired outcomes.

Why businesses turn to Standard Insights

Research expert support

Our team of experts is available to help you every step of the way, from project design all the way through to data analysis.

Data you can trust

All data is verified and further validated by our algorithm and team of expert researchers.

Actionable reports

We offer a variety of reports, including interactive, PDF, video and raw data to help you take effective decisions.

Standard Insights is the trusted data partner
of leading companies

Agencies, corporations, startups and non-profits from every industry rely on our data to make their decisions.

Unlock Better Consumer Insights.

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