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Market Research is critical to growing a startup. That’s why we’re giving early-stage startups assistance and discounts along with other perks.

Making data-driven decisions to grow your start-up In Asia

Every startup needs market research, but the majority do not have the budget or time to get the insights they need. Good information allows companies to make smarter decisions and grow more sustainably. We created a range of benefits and resources for Asian startups to help them tap into their market research needs. Apply and get practical market insights and actionable recommendations for your growth.

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What's in it for Startups?​

Free Research Credits

Sometimes, all you need is to ask a few questions. With our research credits, you can engage with 1,000 respondents and ask up to 10 questions. Our pricing starts from $590 per question but startups can benefit from free research credits on occasion.​

Research credit
Co-branded research Standard Insights

Co-branded Research

We provide market research and communication services on co-branded public studies. We bring the data, and you bring your expert analysis. 

Explore some of our co-branded research

Insurance Industry In Thailand

In partnership with OneDegree, discover the perception, ownership, and preferences of the Thai population toward the insurance industry.

Social Media Landscape in Myanmar Thumbnail

Social Media Landscape in Myanmar

Discover the impact of policy-driven social media outages in Myanmar on the Burmese people’s social media usage, behavior, and preferences.

Special Discount Startups

Special Discounts

We know that market research can be expensive, which is why startups can get up to 20% off the cost of any project or product from Standard Insights.

Workshop & Training

Get on-demand workshop and training for your team to reach their market research goals.

Consulting & Resources

Get in touch with our experts anytime to support your ideas, projects, and research needs.

You're in Good Company

Your Insights partner in Asia with a worldwide to local reach.

We’ve helped startups such as yours find their footing, navigate the marketplace, and expand across borders. Good information gives companies the insights they need to make better decisions and grow faster.

Frequently asked questions, answered

Requirements are as follows:

  • Must have fewer than 200 employees
  • Must have raised to Series B in venture funding
  • If not funded, the startups must be part of an Accelerator or startup program. 

If you do not match the above criteria but think you should benefit from Standard Insights’ startups program, please fill out this form and our team will review your application.

Once you have successfully gotten in touch with our team, we will reach out via email updating you on the status of your application and the details needed to get started. 

If you are part of an accelerator or VC, then you may qualify for some additional benefits. Please contact your Accelerator or VC to see if they are a Standard Insights partner. If not, they can apply here.

There is no commitment to this program. We only ask you to apply so we can verify that your startup fits the criteria for access to the benefits. 

Join Standard Insights to grow with insights, not guesswork.