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Market Research is critical to growing a startup. That’s why we’re giving early-stage startups assistance and discounts along with other perks.

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Making data-driven decisions to grow your start-up In Asia

Every startup needs market research, but the majority do not have the budget or time to get the insights they need. Good information allows companies to make smarter decisions and grow more sustainably. We created a range of benefits and resources for Asian startups to help them tap into their market research needs. Apply and get practical market insights and actionable recommendations for your growth.

Why Startups are collaborating with us?

Whether your expertise is marketing, consulting, design, branding, public relation, or venture capital—if you want to expand your agency with research, we want to help.

We know that market research can be expensive, which is why startups can get up to 20% off on any projects. In addition they can benefits from various advantages such as free Short Surveys and Co-branded researchs and more

Our experts are available anytime to support your ideas, projects, and research needs. You can also benefits from exclusive resources and workshops.

Receive recognition as an expert through our public and collaborative research studies and worldwide communication.

Co-branded research Standard Insights

Startups Benefits

We’ve helped startups to find their footing, navigate the marketplace, and expand across borders. Good information gives companies the insights they need to make better decisions and grow faster.

Up to 20% Discount

Get up to 20% discount on our entire range of services.

24H Quotation

Get a quotation to show to your customers within 24 hours.

Dedicated Account Manager

Connect with your account manager at any time to get consulting advice.

Co-branded Research

We bring the data, and you bring your expert analysis in a public and free research.

Ask up to 3 questions to 500 national representative respondents.

Exclusive Advantages

Exclusive and dedicated access to our upcoming platform and new releases.

Wha Startups Partners Have to Say

When you join forces with us, our researchers and specialists will be there to back up your initiatives for success. 

Standard Insights allows us to quickly understand specific markets’ perceptions and habits, and what needs to be done in order to drive better strategies for our customers.


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