Social Media Landscape:

Discover how the social media landscape in Myanmar changed or remained the same in the face of changing times and policy impacts.

Market Survey

About the Report

Standard Insights conducted a survey research study on the social media landscape in Myanmar. The market survey is a co-branded study conducted by Standard Insights, in partnership with Digiboxes, to plot the recent changes in social media usage in Myanmar after some social media sites were banned for a time.

Standard Insights wanted to know the impact of policy alternatives that limit access to social media in various forms. We were particularly interested in learning how policy-driven social media outages affected people who used these platforms for a variety of reasons, and how they adapted over time.




Geographic Classifications



Standard Insights’ Highlights

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Browse through the report’s geographic & demographic scope, points of analysis, and key highlights. 


Changing Habits

Explore the changes that occurred in terms of internet connection behavior in Myanmar.


Impact on Online Shopping

Look into changes in online shopping brought about by social media restrictions in Myanmar.


Focus on Social Media

Dive into the key changes and trends in social media preferences and usage in Myanmar. 

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