Skin Care Market Overview:
Saudi Arabia

Standard Insights investigated the skin care industry in Saudi Arabia to better understand the shopping habits, considerations, and usage of its skin care consumers.

Market Overview

About the Report

Standard Insights conducted a survey research study on the skin care industry in Saudi Arabia. The market survey is a co-branded study conducted by Standard Insights, in collaboration with Acquisit, to uncover emerging market insights in the sector. Specifically, the study aims to understand the shopping behavior, considerations, and usage of skin care consumers all over Saudi Arabia.




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Standard Insights’ Highlights

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Skin Care Customer Personas

The various consumer types or personas and key consumer trends in Saudi Arabia when it comes to skin care products.


About the Consumer

Builds a clear picture of the typical skin care consumer in Saudi Arabia, including key motivations and skin care goals.


Skin Care Spending & Usage Habits

Focuses on the types of skin care products bought by various skin care consumers. 


Shopping Methods & Considerations

Emphasizes where consumers typically shop to get their skin care needs met. 


Skin Care Marketing Landscape

Looks into the relevant streams of information on the skin care market that affect the decision-making of consumers. 


Brand Preferences

Investigates the most popular skin care brands in Saudi Arabia.

Main Takeaways

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Skin Care Products

When it comes to skincare products, the majority of respondents (45.6%) buy them once a month. The majority of respondents (78.1%) spend less than 500 SAR per month on skin care products. However, female respondents and consumers aged 25–34 spend slightly more than other consumer types. While more than half of the respondents (56.4%) use their skincare products on a daily basis, the importance of the products in maintaining their skin is highlighted. It is also mentioned that the majority of respondents perform their skincare routine after 8:00 p.m. (23.1%).


Respondents have acknowledged their purpose of buying skincare products that they are into as they see it for general skin care purposes. Some justified it for medical reasons, while others wanted to look younger. Female respondents added aesthetic purposes to buying skincare products, while male respondents just wanted to achieve a better self-image.

Shopping Preference

Body soaps are a must-have skincare item for the vast majority of respondents, with 66.0% buying them in the previous six months, the highest rate of any skincare product. Respondents typically purchase skincare products once a month in physical stores or in-stores. Supermarkets (52.9%) are the most popular in-store location for respondents to purchase skincare products. Female respondents, on the other hand, prefer to shop at specialty stores (49.6%).

Online Shopping

Those who shop online do so on average once a month (21.6%) or less frequently (20.1%). Respondents typically purchased skincare products online through generalist marketplaces such as Amazon and Noon. Half of those polled have purchased skincare products recommended by influencers (50.9%) where female respondents are more likely than male respondents to purchase products recommended by influencers. Facebook is the most common platform where respondents see influencers introducing specific skincare products.


When it comes to deciding which skin care products to purchase, consumers' primary consideration is still price. When it comes to base ingredients, the majority of respondents stated that they are more likely to purchase a skin care product if the ingredients are all natural.

Product Content

When it comes to reading or viewing skincare product content, most respondents prefer YouTube. The majority of respondents (74.3%) see skincare product advertisements on social media. In contrast, 40.4% of respondents only read, view, or watch online skincare product content through advertisements. In the last month, the majority of the respondents have seen skincare ads on Facebook.


Clinique (29.8%) was the most frequently purchased and consumed skincare brand by the majority of respondents in the previous six months. Respondents saw the most Dior ads online (39.3%) in the previous month, making it the most visible ad for international skincare brands. Male respondents saw more Kiehl's advertisements in the previous month compared to others that agreed unanimously with Dior's ads.


Whenever respondents seek to repurchase skincare products, they tended to choose products that were most suited to their skin type. They also decide to repurchase skincare products if they believe it will help them achieve their skincare goals and if they have had a positive personal experience with the skincare items.

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