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Mobile Network 2022:
The Philippines

Discover the findings of our survey of over 1,500 Filipinos on their opinions and preferences regarding mobile phone networks in the Philippines. 

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About The Report

In January 2022, Standard Insights conducted a nationwide survey of more than 1,500 Filipinos to learn more about the local population's preferences and viewpoints toward the country's telecom industry. The survey contains information on the overall network telecom, including:

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Macro Information

A competition now fiercer than ever

At the present, there are two dominant mobile networks in the Philippines, Smart Communications and Globe TelecomTalk N’ Text and Sun Cellular are subsidiaries of Smart Communications, while Republika ng TM is under Globe Telecom.

Telecom operator DITO, which has been brought in by former Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to challenge the duopoly of Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, saw its commercial launch in March 2021. DITO still has a long way to go to close the gap with established rivals Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. However, it can be a disruptive competitor in the current market.

Around 30% of mobile phone users in the Philippines are still on the 2G/3G network. Compared to Globe and Smart, DITO is starting with a 4G/5G network, which can prove to be an advantage in attracting 2G/3G users when combined with attractive offers.

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Mobile Network Report Philippines 2022

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Mobile Network Report Philippines 2022

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