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International Football Perception in Vietnam

The study aims to understand the perception, consumption, and preferences of Vietnamese people toward the Football industry. 

About The Report

In June 2021, Standard Insights surveyed over 500 respondents on the Football Industry in Vietnam. Standard Insights was assisted by the marketing agency We Create Content in the survey design of the research.

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Standard Insights’ Highlights

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Macro Information

Leverage opportunities to score new goals.

Vietnam’s top football championship V. League is among the most valued Southeast Asian championships, according to German football site Transfermarkt.

The country has become known in recent years for its love of local & international football, leading to new opportunities for global brands. Through more content targeted to Vietnamese football fans on the official Facebook accounts, Bundesliga, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, and Tottenham Hotspur have increased their popularity with a digital presence in the country.

During the pandemic in 2021, Manchester City also partnered with SHB Bank in a project for local football development in Vietnam.

Vietnam seems to be a strong candidate worthy of the SE Asian football throne for the growing popularity of both local and international football in the region.

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Market Overview of Vietnam


Digital Presence of International Football in Vietnam


Merchandising & Cultural Alignment


Events & Trends


Main Takeways

#1 Football Competition

The Premier League is the most watched football competition in Vietnam. We can see that 79% of Vietnamese football fans who were surveyed are watching the Champions League.


With 45% of responses, television is the most popular device for watching football content. It is followed by the phone, which is used by 39% of respondents the most.


76% of Vietnamese football fans watch more than four football games every week, displaying their interest in football competitions and their teams.


87% of respondents are interested in official club merchandising, demonstrating the popularity of football-related products in Vietnam.

International Club

More than half of the respondents would be willing to access exclusive content and merchandise from their favorite international club. We can extrapolate from this that Vietnamese football fans have a strong attachment to the clubs they follow.


44% of respondents pay a membership fee to watch football games, either individually or as a household. Furthermore, 44% are members of an official football fan club.

Football Bets

88% of Vietnamese football fans do not wager on football games. It is a fairly high proportion, indicating that football betting is not common in Vietnam.

Football Content

For the respondents surveyed, the most favored type of football content on social media are match results and analysis.

Sports Event

84% of the respondents would get vaccinated if it was mandatory to go see a sports event. It highlights the general openness toward vaccines if it gives access to the sports event.


Only 12% of the respondents are watching less football since the COVID-19 outbreak. We can deduce that it did not have an impact on the consumption of football games for Vietnamese.

Vietnamese Fans

88 percent of respondents would like to see more Vietnamese-specific football content from international clubs. Furthermore, 90% say international clubs should make more efforts to reach out to and connect with Vietnamese fans.

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We Create Content is a marketing services company that builds editorial and social media newsrooms for global brands in Vietnam. 



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