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Esports & Gaming In Cambodia

The study aims to understand the behavior, consumption, and perception of Esports in Cambodia.

About The Report

In February 2021, Standard Insights surveyed over 500 respondents in Cambodia about the Gaming Industry in the country. This report includes data on the gaming behavior & platformsconsumption, and perception of Esports in Cambodia. 







Standard Insights’ Highlights

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Macro Information

When the Kingdom Levels Up

The Gaming and Esports industry in Cambodia is booming, with an estimated two million players.

Numerous companies are enabling the growth of Esports in Cambodia through event/competition with cash-prize, team sponsors, and platform development.​

Cambodian players are increasing with heavy internet penetration and mobile diffusion, as well as the spread of cyber coffees across the country.


Gaming Behavior & Platforms


Consumption of Gaming Content


Perception of Esports


Main Takeways


Almost all respondents in Cambodia (99%) play multiplayer online games, and 84% say it is their favorite type of video game.


The computer is by far the most used (69%) and the most owned (76%) gaming platform in Cambodia.

Time Spent

More than 1 respondent out of 2 is spending more than 10 hours per week on video games. To compare, the global average measured by Statista is a little more than 6 hours per week.


Almost 1 respondent out of 5 is spending more than $30 monthly on video games. Also, only a third are not spending anything monthly on video games.


In watching video game content, YouTube is by far the most used platform. In addition, 87% of the respondents prefer watching live content when it comes to video games.


The rise of Esports and its popularity are not recent in Cambodia. Indeed, 46% of the respondents first heard about Esports more than five years ago.


The fact that 80% of respondents watch video game content several times per week demonstrates the popularity and global interest in video game content. It also highlights that it is a part of many people's daily lives.


When asked which game they were currently playing the most, the most common responses were League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Valorant.


A large majority (87%) believe Esports will continue to grow in the future, and 91% consider Esports as real sports. Also, 1 respondent out of 3 has already attended an Esports event. It shows the potential and the growing interest perceived in Esports in Cambodia.



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