Pulse Poll

Explore our Pulse Poll: a series of survey answers, analyses, and insights from over 10,000 local respondents in Southeast Asia.

The way locals think and feel about their country

The Pulse Poll aims to gather general insights on populations across the globe. Each reports have surveyed over 1000 respondents in their local language. Each report includes a video summary, interactive data and analysis of survey responses.

Perception icon


Current perception of the country, including economic, political and social conditions.

Consumption icon


Online consumption activities including social media, news, streaming services, and more.

Industry Knowledge - Icon

Industry knowledge

Consideration and behaviors toward global industries such as tourism, retail, and more.

Brand Preferences - Icon

Brand preferences

Consumers' top brand choices, including beverages, banks, and mobile network operators.

Southeast Asia

Discover the latest findings from our pulse poll by clicking on a country image below.

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Check out the Southeast Asia Pulse Poll report and read about the key insights for each country in the region.

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