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Main Takeaways

Market Overview Laos

In February 2022, Standard Insights surveyed more than one thousand Laotian people to learn more about their global consumption, opinion, habits, and perception of different brands and topics. The survey was conducted in the local language, and people responded via social media. You can find more information about the sample and methodology at the end of the report.
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Internet Coverage

51.10% of the total Laotian population has access to the internet.

Mobile Ownership

79.60% of the total population has mobile cellular connections - 5.91 million connections.

Median Age

The median age of the population in Laos is 25 years old.

Social Media

In Laos, a total of 51.10% of the total population uses social media.

Generic Insights

The most recent findings on general topics such as the Laotian people's overall attitude, their view of the economy, new challenges facing the nation, their use of the internet and social media, their primary source of information, and their streaming service subscription.

Covid-19 Impact

The latest insights into the Laotian people's primary concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, including the impact on their family income, employment and education, their family's health, and their perception of how long it will take to resolve the crisis.

Industry Focus

An examination of the Laotian people's various outlooks, perceptions, and consumption in different market industries such as the automotive, food & beverage, retail, banking & insurance, and travel & tourism industries.

Brand Preferences

A look at the brand preferences of the Laotian population, including their favorite coffee shops, beer brands, banks, insurance companies, and mobile network operators.

Main Takeaways


COVID-19 is perceived as the most important challenge in Laos (26.6%), followed by the nation's economy (19.1%)


82.0% felt like they spent more time online in the past month, with 65.8% saying they spend more than 3 hours online per day.


59.5% answered Facebook as the top platform, with YouTube (13.3%) and Tiktok (11.6%) trailing far behind in 2nd and 3rd.


A significant proportion of the population or 74.3% of the Laotian respondents answered not to pay for any streaming service.


Private motorcycles (50.6%) are the main mode of transportation for Laotians, followed far behind by private automobiles (14.9%).


Soft drinks (33.6%) is the beverage of choice for most Laotians. Meanwhile, milk (22.7%) is more popular among females.


The most common shopping frequency is once a week, with 27.7% of Laotians making a sizable purchase to last the entire week.


The trust/reputation of the bank (60.6%) is the most important factor when opening a bank account for the Laotian people.


Method of Collection

Quantitative research with an online survey approach. The survey questions start once the respondents click on our ads survey promotion.

Type of Research: Quantitative

The survey can be completed in an average time of 9 minutes. A desktop or mobile device can be used to complete information.

Quality Certification

  • Removal of fraudulent and inconsistent answers
  • Exclusion of professional survey takers
  • Insertion of “trap questions” into our surveys
  • Human control
  • Removal of respondents answering too fast in the survey
  • Learn more about our methodology

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