Case Study

International Brand Tracking

Analyzing Brand Reputation & Market Audience

Implementing Brand Tracking For Achievable Brand Goals

A multinational food & beverage corporation wanted to keep track of market fluctuations and trends. With Standard Insights, they were able to create an achievable brand campaign for more sustainable growth in various parts of Laos and Cambodia.

The Challenge

Positioning in New Markets

The corporation wanted to keep an eye on the changes in the Cambodian and Laotian markets and the most recent consumer trends in the two countries. Tracking consumer trends in various markets is very timely and crucial given the various uncertainty brought about by technological advancements, unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19, and public policy changes (i.e. amendment of social media regulations).

However, gathering data in those nations was challenging, particularly in the less developed rural areas. This dilemma required them to create an efficient plan and analyze its impact over time, not to mention that increasing the market share brought out significant challenges.

The Solution​

Utilizing International Brand Tracking

With Standard Insights' brand tracking service, the company could get live survey respondents from tailor-made questions covering:

• Competitors
• The Brand Persona and Customer Sentiments
• Additional Information on the Untapped Market (Non-Consumers)

The qualified respondents were automatically uploaded to a dynamic private dashboard in which the company could track the growth of their brand and competitors in the same country and the other selected areas.

The Result

The food & beverage company now clearly defines its positioning and perceived brand sentiments and prepares for alternative plans against unexpected events like COVID-19 or the countries' regulations.

Moreover, it should be easier for them to assess the campaign's performance over time with an appropriate brand tracking method, which helps bring out better-spent allocation decisions.


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