The Future of Esports Industry In Cambodia

Internet & mobile usage are considered a gateway into the esports world. Will the esports sector successfully penetrate the Cambodian market?

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A Start of Esports Industry In Cambodia

eSports, also known as e-Sports, electronic sports, or e-games, are competitive video games performed in a highly structured setting. These games primarily involve teams competing against each other in tournaments for a cash prize.

eSports can range from team-oriented multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) to single-player first-person shooters (FPS), survival battle royale games, or the virtual settings of physical sports.

Esports industry in Cambodia

eSports‘ real growth in popularity took place in Europe and the United States. However, thanks to the rise of broadband networks in mainstream society, the esports market even flourished across Asian countries.

The Kingdom of Cambodia has set a goal of becoming a wholly digitalized nation within the next few years, and local telecommunications company Cellcard reckons that eSports and e-gaming would be the catalyst that ignites the country’s digital economy.

Cellcard sees eSports as a key driver in accelerating internet coverage in the country. As a result, the telco is pouring resources into 5G infrastructure to reinforce the rise of the mobile gaming industry in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia.

Cellcard paved the way for esports industry in Cambodia

The connectivity, speed, and additional features that a 5G network offers will dramatically revolutionize the way Cellcard engages with the gaming community,” _ CEO Ian Watson recently told IGN Southeast Asia. He also emphasized that 5G connectivity will be enabled in Cambodia in time for the 2023 SEA Games.

With a young population of 60% under 30, eSports might be a gateway to facilitate the adoption of other digital services. It is one of the reasons why Cellcard has paved the way for the eSports industry’s development in Cambodia.

To learn more about the Cambodian esports industry, Standard Insight surveyed 500 respondents in February 2021. This report includes data on gaming behaviour & platforms, consumption, and perception of esports in Cambodia.

The Coverage of Esports Market in Cambodia

The rise of Esports and its popularity are not recent in Cambodia. Indeed, 46% of the respondents first heard about Esports more than five years ago, according to our survey.

When did Cambodians first hear about Esports?

Besides, 91% consider Esports gaming competitions as actual sports. It indicates that the rate of esports coverage across Cambodia is noticeably high. People living here already had a certain level of awareness about esports gaming. Therefore, we anticipate that the esports industry’s growth trend will likely soar.

Percentage of Cambodians consider esports a real sports

When asked which game they were currently playing the most, the most common responses were FPS (45.8%). When answering Other, the respondents mentioned the majority of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for games such as League of legends and Dota 2.

Kind of esports game enjoyed most

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A Bright Future of Booming Esports Industry in Cambodia

Despite the widespread economic recession caused by Covid-19, the global E-sports market is prospering. With social distancing restricting consumer and corporate activities to a minimum, e-gaming offers a recreational distraction for those at home craving social engagement.

Furthermore, the increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases resulted in a global lockdown, forcing people to stay at home for an extended time, increasing access to digital gaming for pleasure and enjoyment. This change has led to a significant surge in adopting E-sports solutions. As a result, the demand for these services among end-users is thriving.

A large majority (87%) believe Esports will continue to grow in the future. Also, 1 respondent out of 3 has already attended an Esports event. Indeed, 95% will grasp the chance of joining an Esport event if they have one. It shows the potential and the growing interest perceived in Esports in Cambodia.

Esports considered as sustainable in time
Percentage ever joining an esports event

80% of respondents watch video game content several times per week, demonstrating the popularity and global interest in video game content. It also highlights that it is a part of many people’s daily lives.

The frequency of watching video game content

In the parallel of digital transformation and internet penetration, we believe the future of the esports industry in Cambodia is promisingly experiencing rapid growth.

Main Takeaways

Esports enthusiasts in Cambodia can now follow their passion or access this kind of e-gaming for recreation and entertainment. Esports organizations, otherwise, can utilize our on-demand insights mentioned previously and implement promising plans and projects.

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