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Flooding In
DR Congo

The impact of flooding in the DRC is devastating. In January 2023, we surveyed the DRC population about their situation, preparation, and consequences of floods.

Executive Summary

The UN estimated 2.9 million people had been displaced by severe flooding in west and central Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo has not been spared, In December 2022, a devastating tragedy unfolded: 150 people lost their lives due to the flooding that ensued. This was largely attributed to heavy rains combined with inadequate drainage systems, deforestation and lack of proper land management practices – all of which together caused rivers to overflow, low-lying areas to become inundated and entire villages flooded.

The impact of flooding in the DRC is devastating. In January 2023, we polled the population of DRC to gain insight into their current conditions and how they are managing past and potential future flooding in terms of preparation, management, and consequences.

In 2023, Standard Insights and the United Nations Development Program Acceleration Lab in the Democratic Republic of the Congo joined forces to conduct a survey to understand local perceptions of past and current floods, and how people are prepared for possible future threats. This collaboration aims to highlight the use and visualization of data as an innovative tool to quickly inform policy and decision-making in crisis situations.

In collaboration with:

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Country Overview

In this section, you will learn about the flooding situation as perceived by the inhabitants of Democratic Republic of Congo and compare results across its main cities: Kinshasa and Lubumbashi.

City Details

In this section, you will observe specific local differences about the flooding situation as perceived by the inhabitants of Kinshasa, at a district level.


This section covers the details of the population surveyed in this study and how they are distributed across genders, locations, ages, and occupations.

In Partnership with:

The UNDP's Acceleration Lab in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The UNDP’s Acceleration Lab in the Democratic Republic of Congo works to experiment on emerging and complex 21st-century development challenges through collective intelligence, the search for meaning, and strategic collaboration for frugal innovation. This research was made possible through a partnership between Standard Insights and the UNDP DRC Acceleration Lab, which facilitated the design of the survey.

By listening to the voices of those affected by the floods in the region, the UNDP DRC is positioning itself to understand and develop proposals for civil protection policies and plans to prevent new disasters in the context of global climate change.

Our experience with Standard Insights has been both efficient and professional. Their innovative approach which combines artificial intelligence and data collection on social networks allows us to have valuable insights into the challenges of the local population but also their contribution to the construction of a solution.
Serge Kusinza Buhendwa
Head of Exploration/ Communication lead
DR Congo Map

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